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Splash Gear: Fun Starts Here!

Discover our top picks on Amazon in our Swim Shop! Hand-selected essentials for young swimmers: high-performance fins, comfortable wetsuits, eco-conscious reusable swim diapers, and vision-enhancing goggles. Click to find the perfect gear for your water-bound adventures!

Childrens Wet Suit

The Hevto Kids Wetsuit on Amazon enhances warmth, comfort, and buoyancy for young swimmers, making it our favorite for learn-to-swim classes, ensuring progress and engagement.

Childrens Float Suit

Float Suit_edited_edited.jpg

The Splash About Floatsuit, part of our Learn to Swim range, encourages natural swimming development for ages1-6. Its 16-piece removable float system allows for gradual learning, enhancing water confidence without restricting correct body positioning.

Happy Nappy DUO

duo 2_edited.jpg

The Happy Nappy Duo, required for all baby swim classes at Popsicle Pier, offers eco-friendly, leak-proof protection. Crafted from soft neoprene and high-grade Lycra for comfort, it prevents chafing and red marks. Durable and chlorine-resistant, it's the only swim diaper you'll need, trusted globally.

Splash About Swim Diaper Liners


Recommended for easy clean-up at Popsicle Pier, our pack of 50 bamboo viscose liners for the Happy Nappy swim diaper are eco-friendly and fully degradable. A convenient, sustainable choice for hassle-free maintenance, these liners are compostable, making them a greener alternative to disposables


Baby Wetsuit.png

Splash about baby wetsuit. - The unique fleece-lined baby wetsuit, featuring full-length sleeves and legs, ensures warmth during and after swim sessions, extending pool time for cold-sensitive little ones and securing barrier creams in water.

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