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Technical Lessons

The Dawn of Popsicle Pier Technical Lessons

In the wake of global changes, Jamey Myers was drawn back to the essence of his passion: the pool. The vibrancy, the excitement of competition, and the deep satisfaction of coaching beckoned him. However, this return to the waters wasn't just about revisiting past glories. It was the birth of a groundbreaking concept in swim coaching.

Relocating the swim program to Morgan County presented Jamey with a unique opportunity — to be closer to his mother and to fuse his familial ties with his professional ambitions. This move laid the groundwork for something innovative: Popsicle Pier Technical Lessons.

At the heart of Popsicle Pier Technical Lessons is a cutting-edge approach, blending advanced technology with personalized coaching. The cornerstone of this methodology is the use of video feedback and in-water communication, ensuring that every stroke, turn, and dive is refined to perfection. This system, tailored to meet individual needs, emphasizes real-time corrections and detailed analysis, offering swimmers an unparalleled learning experience.

Expanding Horizons

Today, Jamey leads Popsicle Pier Technical Lessons with a commitment to excellence and a dedication to each swimmer’s journey. Beyond regular coaching, Popsicle Pier expands its offerings to include specialized camps and clinics. These programs are designed for swimmers who seek to delve deeper, pushing their boundaries and honing their skills in a more intensive environment.

Jamey invites you to dive into the world of Popsicle Pier Technical Lessons. Here, you won’t just learn to swim; you’ll master the art of swimming with precision and finesse. Experience a revolution in swim coaching, where innovation meets personal development.

Join Jamey Myers and the Popsicle Pier team. Be part of a movement that redefines swim coaching, blending family values with professional, technically advanced training. This isn’t just a swim program; it’s a pathway to excelling in swimming, supported by modern technology and expert guidance.

Jamey's Full story & Background

Beginnings in the Water

Jamey Myers' inspiring journey from the warm currents of South Georgia to founding Atomic Swimming unfolds like a captivating tale of passion, resilience, and relentless innovation. His story springs to life as a three-year-old boy stepping into the swirling waters, led by his older sisters into the enchanting world of swimming. This pursuit quickly transcended a mere hobby, becoming his passion, calling, and life.

The Tide of Triumphs

Jamey's fervor propelled him to the University of Alabama on a full scholarship. He soon emerged as a formidable force in the pool, earning the title of SEC Champion, being honored as an 11-time All-American, and leading his team as captain. Jamey's skill and dedication also carried him beyond the university walls, earning him a place among the top 25 swimmers worldwide and a slot in the Olympic Trials.

From Swimmer to Mentor

Post his successful swimming career, Jamey found his true calling: coaching. He established two elite swim teams, GCAT and SCAT. Under his expert guidance, SCAT achieved multiple State championships and triumphed in the USA Swimming Open Water National Championships. This demonstrated Jamey's exceptional coaching prowess, earning him the accolade of Georgia Senior Coach of the Year. Jamey's dedicated mentorship has also guided many individual athletes towards impressive achievements, including 100's of state champions several Junior National Champions and multiple Olympic Trial qualifications. These accolades speak volumes of Jamey's commitment, expertise, and the remarkable impact he has on his athletes.

Navigating the Waves of Change

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges for Jamey, halting his poolside coaching activities. In response to this unforeseen hiatus, Jamey directed his unflagging passion for health and wellness into creating Laboratory Fitness, a pioneering health and wellness center. As he embraced his new role as a certified health coach, Jamey continued to make a profound impact on people's lives, albeit in a different arena.

Subsequently, an enticing opportunity presented itself - the chance to move to Madison, Georgia, to be closer to his mother and sister. This move was more than a geographical change; it was a pivotal moment that reignited Jamey's true passion for swimming. In Madison, Jamey found the perfect blend of personal and professional satisfaction, rekindling his love for the sport in a place close to his heart and family.


Background and Experience

Swimming Experience

  • SEC Champion at The University of Alabama

  • 11-time All-American at The University of Alabama

  • Voted Team Captain at The University of Alabama

  • Ranked top 25 in the world

  • Olympic Trial Qualifier

  • National and international swim experience

Coaching Experience

  • 30 years of coaching experience

  • Swimmers qualify at the National, Regional, and State levels

  • 100's of state champions

  • 2 Junior National Champions


  • Voted Georgia Senior Coach of the year

  • Guided SCAT to team State Championship title

  • Guided SCAT to USA swimming open water national team title

Pricing for Technical Lessons

  • Private Lessons are $150 per hour or $85 for 30 Minutes.  Sold in Packages of 5

  • Small Group Lessons Available - 5 swimmers needed.  $60 per session. Sold in Packages of 5.

  • Non- Residents of Morgan County additional $25.

Advanced Stroke Analysis and feedback with underwater audio and video feedback

100% Moneyback Guarantee

(706) 474-6266

All lessons are by appointment only.  Please email or call to schedule.

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