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3 Days
2 Days
1 Day
Small Group
Trio Lessons
(3:1 ratio)
Semi-Private Lessons
(2:1 ratio)
Private Lessons
(1:1 ratio)
Fast Track
(3:1 ratio)

Mon-Thur / 30 minutes
4 days for 1 Week
$250 - Child

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE  $30/Child or $50/Family



How much are swim lessons? To simplify payments for lessons, we offer convenient monthly billing.


Learn to Swim

Popsicle Pier Privates - $62.50 per class private lesson, $45 per class semi-private lesson, $37.50 per class for Trio classes, Baby Swim Classes $25.  Billed monthly per class

Popsicle Pier Baby Swim Classes - COMING SOON

Baby Classes are $25 per class per class billed monthly.

*Mid-class enrollment and prorated payments are available for all lessons for those joining after the start of a class

**If your classes are in Morgan County and you are from out of county, an additional $25 monthly fee is added. 


Do you have Enrollment Fees? Yes, $30 annual enrollment fee per child.  Residents outside of Morgan County must pay an additional $25 per session, which all goes to the county.


When do I have to pay for the lessons? New families will incur a one-time registration fee and can begin their lessons immediately. Tuition payments are due on the first of the month or before the start of the next class in the new month.


What forms of payment are accepted at Popsicle Pier? Currently, all payments are processed through our Parent Portal.  We accept Visa and Master Cards.


What is Month-to-Month Scheduling? Our month-to-month scheduling allows you to maintain your preferred lesson day and time without the commitment of long-term contracts. You can continue your lessons on a rolling basis until you provide a two-week notice of your intention to take a break. This gives you the control to tailor your swim lessons to fit your needs.


Can my child swim more than 1 time per week? Absolutely! Consistency plays a crucial role in learning, and repetition helps to accelerate the learning process for kids.


Do you offer makeup lessons? At Popsicle Pier, we aim to provide exceptional swim lessons to all our students. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we rent the pool and hire instructors based on the number of sign-ups, we are currently unable to provide makeup lessons. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and are grateful for your cooperation with our policy. Thank you for choosing Popsicle Pier for your swim lessons.


What if I need to take a break from swim lessons? To ensure a smooth experience for all students, a 2-week cancellation notice is required if you need to take a break from your swim lessons. After the 2nd lesson of the month, we will send out an invoice for the next month, and if you would like to take a break for the next month, then you will need to let us know before the 3rd lesson. This allows us to accommodate another student and maintain our small per-coach ratio.


When are Popsicle Pier's scheduled closings? A calendar of all planned closures for holidays or other reasons is available here. This provides a clear outline of the schedule and helps families plan accordingly.


What happens in the event of an unplanned pool closure (bathroom incident, power outage, etc.)? In case of unexpected pool closures, each student will be provided a makeup lesson to compensate for the missed session.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

All lessons are by appointment only.  Please email or call to schedule.

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