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Our Story

At Popsicle Pier, we believe that swimming is a fundamental life skill that can save your life. Our mission is to teach people of all ages the essential skills that can one day mean the difference between life and death. Our founders have dedicated their lives to water safety and have seen the devastating impact of drowning on families and communities.

We understand that simply being able to get back to the wall in a pool is not enough. That's why we are committed to helping our students learn to swim at least one kilometer with ease, so they can confidently handle any swimming emergency. This is why we offer small group lessons with a maximum of three students, providing individual attention and the opportunity to master the skills.

Large group swim lessons can be overwhelming and ineffective. With too many students in one class, it can be easy to feel lost in the crowd and miss out on valuable swim time waiting your turn. At Popsicle Pier, we keep our classes small and intimate, providing the ideal environment for students to build their confidence and skills.

Our experienced instructors are the heart and soul of Popsicle Pier. They are trained professionals who are dedicated to helping each and every student reach their full potential. They are patient, caring, and knowledgeable and will work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in their class has a positive and successful swimming experience.

At Popsicle Pier, consistent and long-term swim instruction is the key to mastering the life-saving skills of swimming. That's why we encourage our students to join us for weekly swim lessons over an extended period of time. With regular practice, repetition, and individual attention from our trained instructors, our students can progress at their own pace and develop their skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our once-a-week long-term swim instruction approach provides the ideal balance between learning and practicing. It allows students to retain what they have learned and build upon it week after week, leading to greater confidence and proficiency in the water. Our approach also allows students to form strong relationships with their instructors and peers, creating a supportive and inclusive community of swimmers.

At Popsicle Pier, we understand the importance of learning to swim and are committed to providing the best possible swimming education. So join us and let us help you master life-saving swimming skills through our once-a-week long-term swim instruction program.

All lessons are by appointment only.  Please email or call to schedule.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

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