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Ocean Pier

Popsicle Pier

Swim Safer, Learn Sooner with our personalized approach. A maximum of 3 kids per coach ensures more swimming, less sitting, and faster learning! So say goodbye to crowded swim classes and hello to progress!

Family Snorkeling

Popsicle Pier

Where Survival Comes First

Popsicle Pier is a small, personalized learn-to-swim school focused on fostering strong teacher-student connections, promoting long-term swimming proficiency, and ensuring safety. Our small class sizes (max of 3 students) allow our experienced instructors to provide individualized attention to each swimmer, ensuring they are comfortable and confident in the water. Our goal is not just to teach swim strokes, but to create strong, independent swimmers who can swim a distance of 1K and confidently survive in emergency situations. Join us at Popsicle Pier for a supportive and personalized swim education experience.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

All lessons are by appointment only.  Please email or call to schedule.

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